In-Vitro Study

Our hypothesis in creating Scalp MED® has always been simple; “The longer you keep the oxygen and nutrient channels open to the follicle, the faster it will be brought back to health and able to grow thick healthy hair again.”


To test this theory, we started by monitoring thousands of Scalp MED® users progress over long periods of time. Seeing how remarkable the results were, we started a series of the third party, double-blind studies. For our latest study, we hired one the world’s leading Dermal and Transdermal Permeation Research Laboratories to design and perform an in-vitro double-blind study to measure how fast the active ingredient passes through the skin before it is washed away by the bloodstream. In this study, Scalp MED® took 6 times longer (26 hours) to reach the peak flux of the active ingredient in the bloodstream vs. the normal 4 hours.


Of course, now that we have proven our hypothesis to ourselves, we are in the process of designing and performing more studies and will update our site and the public through press releases and will publish each study as it is completed.

Mean Flux (µg/cm2/hr) Results: Across Donor Summary Minoxidil

Percutaneous absorption of minixidil through ex vivo human scalp skin over 48 hours form a single application (Mean, N=3 donors).

     Sample Mid-Time (hr)

Summary Conclusion

The flux profiles of the API (minoxidil) form the 3 dosing regimens (Figure 1) demonstrate the Vitadil-5A (standard 5% minoxidil solution) provides an earlier peak flux (~5hrs) than when it is combined with Nutrisol RM (peak flux at ~25hrs).
This combination (either sequential dosing or pre-mixed) delays and extends the percutaneous absorption of minoxidil by up to 5 times longer than the current marketed formulation, leading to consideration for lower dosing regimen, reduction in systemic side-effects and superior efficacy.



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