Patented Hair Regrowth System for Men


Scalp MED® Patented Hair Regrowth System Includes:


Our multi-patented carrier solution is formulated to help expedite hair growth by prolonging the flow of nutrients to the follicle. Fortified with Biotin, Retinol, B-5, and Cystine, it also delivers essential nutrients to the bulb of the hair for even healthier, faster hair growth.


Clinical-Strength Treatment Formula Scalp Med®’s Vitadil®-5A uses maximum strength 5% Minoxidil* the exact levels proven in clinical testing to stop thinning, reverse male hair loss and promote new hair growth.


Over the years hundreds of thousands of Scalp MED® users have combined the Vitadil®-5A and NutriSol®-RM for convenience and ease of use and have asked us to provide a single application bottle. We have listened. This makes application extremely convenient and even easier.

GROW MY HAIR™ PLANT BASED Hair Growth Supplement

Scalp MED®’s Plant Based Hair Growth Supplement contains vitamins, nutrients and supplements at the correct amounts for your hair to grow at its healthiest.

DETOX MY SCALP™ Follicle Detoxifier

A toxic scalp can contribute to weaker hair growth and thinning of the hair. Cholesterol and oils as well as environmental toxins can build up around the interior walls of your hair shaft and hair follicles, making your scalp a toxic waste dump for all kinds of nasty bacteria. This oily hair residue clogs follicles and can prevent the follicle from producing hair at its optimal health. This can cause also your hair to fall out more quickly.

Shampoos cannot effectively remove this buildup. The only thing that can is a scalp treatment for hair loss that is designed to break up the toxins, clear out the clog and deep cleanse your follicles, paving the way for healthy hair growth. ScalpMed®’s DETOX MY SACLP™ Follicle Detoxifier removes years of buildup in seconds and keeps your follicles clear. Use twice a week to keep your follicles free of build up and your scalp feeling moisturized and amazing.

Benefits of our follicle panthenol hair treatment detoxifier and hair clarifier:

  • Gently uses pantothenic acid to remove residue that interferes with optimal hair growth
  • Provitamin B5 and Panthenol provide deep, penetrating moisture and promotes thickness, body and volume as well as a healthier scalp.
  • Sulfate and paraben-free to ensure healthier hair and scalp
Additional Information
In a 6-month consumer trial of men and women applied NutriSol® and Vitadil® as directed, Scalp Med® was proven to retain and regrow hair. The results speak for themselves.
  • 96% Said Scalp Med grew their hair back.
  • 96% Rated Scalp Med Excellent/Very Good for preventing hair from further loss.
  • 96% Said Scalp Med is Best Ever/Better than Others compared to other hair treatments they have used.
  • 96% Had Excellent/Very Good Experience using Scalp Med.